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Created for improvisations
ILdrum. Parameters:
Made of a special brand of "musical" steel.
Each tongue-note is carefully tuned manually with the help of special musical tuner's software.
Nitriding of steel provides protection against corrosion.
Special methods of steel processing ensure the preservation of the musical scale of the drum for a long time
In addition to the main note of the tongue, several overtones (from one to three) are tuned.
Each ILdrum Saturn has an author's vibration damping system built in, which provides crystal sound without a "metallic" sound.
A non-welded method of connecting hemispheres is used
A long sustain has been achieved (the duration of the sound of the extracted note)
ILdrum is a modern fashionable musical instrument — a metal tongue drum that is suitable for everyone:
• Harmony of lines and shapes. The ILdrum is ergonomic and very pleasant to hold in your hands;
• The small size and light weight of the musical instrument allows adults, serious musicians and children to play it.
ILdrum in a reliable case is convenient to take with you everywhere. It is not afraid of even the sea air, saturated with salts, we took care of this.
suitable for everyone.
a reliable case
from 20+ countries
More than
ILdrum owners
Special tongues design for intuitive and fast learning on ILdrum
Balanced sound
The engineers managed to create the instrument's crystal clear sound and sonorous timbre.
Easy to play
Music has become even more accessible. Due to the perfect positioning of the tongues the drum allows you to play any melody. Having mallets included makes it even more simple.
Sophisticated design
The look of the drum is suitable for any interior and environment. The compact size and ergonomic design are to make the customer experience more pleasant than ever.
Supreme quality
The instrument is manufactured at a highly technological production site with the use of the newest equipment.
Choose your ILdrum mood
ILdrum Saturn
ILdrum Sonata
  • Ildrum Sonata E Minor
    A wonderful drum to travel beyond time, yourself and the universe. The quality is just super. Clear sound, long-lasting sound and a perfect combination with other instruments. Almost immediately I thought about the second drum with a different formation
  • Ildrum Saturn Ursa Minor gold
    This is probably the first impulsive purchase that I have not regretted. I'm not a big expert on tongue drums, but I liked this one right away. Thanks again to the Ildrum team for explaining everything so patiently and professionally.
  • Ildrum Saturn Pygmy
    Thank you a little, for a wonderful instrument, sound, color, mallets, and a case!🙂
    A childhood dream has come true, I play, feel and learn.💃
ILDrum bundled
with a free soft case and mallets
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